The Portuguese Republic is a nation founded on democratic law, based on popular suffrage, pluralism of expression and democratic political organization, respect and guarantee of the accomplishment of the fundamental rights and freedoms and separation and interdependence of powers, aiming at the accomplishment of economical, social and cultural democracy and the further development of participatory democracy.
These are basic examples of every citizen’s freedmon:

The right to freedom and security.

The right to openly express and disclose one’s thoughts through words, images or through any other mean, as well as the right to inform, to inform oneself and to be informed, without hindrance or discrimination.

The freedom of press.

The freedom to conscience, of religion and cult (which is inviolable).

The free intellectual, artistic and scientific creation.

The freedom to lean and teach.

As well as the individual and family freedom, as it provides, namely, to the state, for family protection.

Assure, in respect with individual freedom, the right to birth control, promoting information and access to the methods and means that assure it, and organize juridical and technical structures that allow the exercise of conscious maternity and paternity!


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