The lawyer is obliged to defend the citizens’ rights, freedmon and guaranties.

Rights, freedmon and guaranties are consecrated in the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic (Title 1) and in the International Conventions and Treaties, which Portugal subscribed, such as the Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Economic Social and Cultural Rights.
Among the various rights, freedoms and guarantees, the access to effective judicial right and protection stands out, foreseen in article 20 of the Portuguese Constitution, particularly the numbers 1 and 2, according to which “it is assured to all the access to justice and courts for defense of their legally protected rights and interested, being that justice can’t be denied due the insufficient of economical funds” and “we have the right, in terms with the law, to information and legal consultations, to legal representation and to be accompanied by a lawyer before any authority”.
The social responsibility of the lawyer makes him fight for the good administration of justice and assert the individual guaranties of harmony with the Law. And, therefore, it is the lawyer’s obligation to collaborate and act so that the law enforcement is done in a sane, correct, loyal, serious and fair manner.

 garantias dos cidadãos

“”There is a rule of law when the a citizen´s right to justice is assured””