Law enforcement

The Law is a norm or group of juridical norms created through specific processes of the normative act and established by the competent authorities for that purpose.
The juridical norms mandate or prohibit something in agreement with the justice and for the well-being of society in a whole, in a given era or historical contexto.

Ignorance or bad interpretation of the law does not justify the non-compliance not does it free people from the sanctions established in it.
The juridical norms obey to various principles such as the certainty, the proportionality, generality and impartiality.

The law only stipulates towards the future, even though one gives it a retroactive efficiency, it is assumed that the already existent effect of the facts that the law is meant to regulate are reserved.

When the law determines the substantial or formal validity conditions of any facts or it’s effects, it is understood that, in case of doubt, it only considers the new facts; however, when one disposes directly over the content of certain juridical relations, abstracting from their origin, it is understood that the law comprehends the relations already built that remain until the date of entry into effect.