Online Legal Advice



Online legal advice consists of enabling the solicitation, via email, of a response to questions of juridical nature, receiving the answer, also via email, in which there will be indicated the applicable questions of law and legislations.

For queries that need a present analysis of the documents or a lawyer’s personal intervention for an answer, you may contact us at our office. To handle these queries and if you so desire, the lawyers will contact you directly (via phone or face-to-face) for an eventual analysis and schedule of the matter in hand.

If solicited, the services can be rendered via Skype or via telephone for the exposition of the subject that you want to be clarified, for such just mention that intention iin the email.

(You can contact us via Skype or mobile phone from 9:30am to 5pm).


Start by writing an email, in which you should enunciate your query in the most detailed and explicit way possible.

Your request shall be sent to out email, or you can make use of the form provided in  the page “Contacts”, made available for that purpose.

Following this step, you will receive an email, for your acceptance, with the indication of the retaining fees correspondent to your consultation request and with the solicitation of necessary data to proceed to billing.

After we receive payment, you will receive ,at the specified deadline, an answer to your consultation.


After receiving your email you will be informed, via email, of the retaining fees and the Bank Routing Number of our account for the respective payment.

The mentioned fees, after your acceptance, shall be payed within a maximum of 3 days, after which the service will no longer be considered as solicited.

The receipt will be sent later via email or to the address stated in your email, as you prefer.

The retaining fees indicated assume that the service in question is of a general nature and that is will be rendered via telephone and that any adaptation to private questions will be subject to specific evaluation which should vary depending on the case at hand.

In the determination of fees the lawyer should pay attention to the services rendered, to the difficulty and urgency of the matter, to the level of intellectual creativity on his/her behalf, the final outcome, the time taken, to the responsibilities assumed by him/her and to any other professional practices.


The response to the solicited consultation will be given within 3 business days, counting from the effecting payment of the retaining fees.

If due to the complexity of the matter it is necessary any revision of the response time or retaining fees, it will be transmitted to you before the consultation itself for your acceptance of the referred alterations.

After the receiving of a request, done the analysis of the preliminary assessment for the passage of the retaining fees, an email will be sent with the latter for the acceptance or non-acceptance of the client.


The lawyers cannot in any case be accounted for the emergence of any imprecise or defamatory informations or for the usage of the comprehended or indicated informations from the pages or informations rendered in this site.