What is a trademark?


A trademark is a sign used to identify products and services, distinguishing them from others alike.

It has a identifying and distinguishing function, being through it that the company is favored and protected in the competition game!

According to the Industrial Property Code, the trademark can be constituted of a sign or group of signals susceptible to graphic representation, namely words, including names of people, designs, letters, numbers, sounds, the shape of the product or of the respective package, given that they are adequated to distinguish the products or services of a company from those of another companies.

The trademark can, in the same way, be constituted by advertising sentences for the respective products or services, as long as they have a distinctive character, regardless of the recognized protection by copyright.

The identification of the products through the trademark allows to reference, in an efficient way, the product for a index of quality and prestige, protects the image and guarantees the personalized (distinct) implementation of a given product or service in the market.